eating that way

by Alexa Wiley

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Got this mr how much can they bring I got a lot of songs I can sing I just keep playin and thought of you. people droppin cigs like settle down everybody I think we’re movin a little to fast hurry up behind us, why we doin that? Oh no I just don’t know I where I go I am so sorry my son I couldn’t tell ya doo doo couldn’t tell you //I just stayin on the way home all I am sayin is don’t go away my own cloud won’t leave myself alone, my own cloud my own cloud my own cloud won’t leave myself alone//don’t know why where I go I so sorry my son I coulldn’t tell ya//uh uh my own cloud my own cloud my own cloud what are they eatin what are they doin there? Why are cleanin the streets of all the things that care for you and me?//just don’t know i….solamente hablo espanol….don’t know i….// Got this mr how much can they bring I got a lot of songs I can sing just keep playin and I thought of you.
dorothy 03:00
Dorothy stop me trying to reach the shore What does a shore know about a fish that is swimming I know my house is out in a hurricane wind But if I’m lucky it’ll come down on the wicked witch//Oh I know I’m runnin nowhere, I can see that Runnin no where (I guess I see….) (from my own heart)// So don’t get me started bout some old past. Sick of those reruns And I won’t go back, so I know it’s gonna be another long long night. Something about the lonely well it feels alright. Like I don’t have to answer any question. Body and my soul are only open to my suggestion…//chorus//first verse
wolf 03:36
Wolf in the forest, Was key to the change, In 1837 yellowstone took the last wolf away..Deer ran free and rampant, ate all the willow / that grew all around the rivers bank Without the willow, river went into chaotic state, ran crazy lines and flooded her banks//Oooooo// Ecologist came into the forest to see about a river so out of sinc, he found the deer, the missing willow the wolf was the missing link…He brought back the wolf, in Spanish that’s los lobos and cured the river blue….//ooooo, los lobos yeah yeah oooo los lobos yeah yeah// So bring back the wolf…oh ..bring back los lobos And cure this river blue….
So long the road, So long I forgot to go and so long the road I’ll never know I never show, things I never show…look I’ll never go anywhere I’ll never go…//How far will I (we) go before I circle back again? All I can pray is you’ll (we’ll) be there and understand, somehow…//That it is so long the road, so long I forgot to go…and so long the road We’ll never know We’re still on the road, we’re so done with the road…And we’ll never go anywhere we’ll never go… ….
goddamn day 05:22
I was art hung myself on the wall to press my face into your conscience I am trying to eat the words before they descend upon what I have imagined you see forward thinking always comes at a cost at a cost. Watch the edge watch it fall it doesn’t matter what so I forgot so what oh go sit on the fault line fault line from here it looks like an unfinished sort of thing but there’s no way to access it, there is no way in. no way in. they don’t know and we don’t know all I am dsayin is what I said before there it is though handcuffs walk the night. It’s all vivid to me know. Vivid to me now//I am vivid stuck seldom lost fear near dear I am away just say ok, just another G&^d*&^ day (gorgeous day) who is to say who is to say what’s a day what’s a day anayway//you’re oblivious I’m oblivious two sides I see all the sides except for the obvious ones, those are the lines you dance upon, I thought I thought to much for the light to break so I had to go and I went and I ride like hell know and that’s what keeps me riding…and the coward will fall (fell) on his ass and we’ll follow the glimpse of breath one speed one speed one speed it’s all vivid to me. Vivid to me now//chorus// should we leave? don’t leave without shaking my hand god love it good trade off in terms of comfort how can we get anywhere from here she throws up her arms and yells vivid vivid oh its clear from here dear could we sit for ever no cause we are screwed if mt hood blows could we sit here forever though she’s got talent she’s got talent but I am goin home to listen to aroesmith cause she told me to walk this way. Walk this way…//chorus
I wanna wear my faded levis and walk topless through the swaying pines Eat avocados whole wipe the green fruit on my thighs I crave the solitude, quiet understanding is a warm cave I want to crawl my way into and be familiar like those wild deer who have a tendency to eat rosebuds in the garden oooooooooo. This interruption is this uninvited guest that keeps asking for explanations and asks “why are you eating that way? Why are you eating that way?” oooooo//So thank you for coming here and placing my fingers so gently on the strings There are so many minutes in an hour and time, that is so distracting You are someone I do not know oooooo, but I look into your eyes and recognize that I love your soul oooo I love your soul//I love your soul. I love your soul. Yeah// If all my dreams would stop world hopping and stay in my sight, I would be an eagle flying and everything would be clear in my mind cleeeaaarrrrr, in my mind. I am having a hard time with my English with what I ever mean to say so I guess what I was wondering is if you would if you could just stay. There are so many people waiting But how about you come over and we’ll practice up on our praying. Get down on our hands and our knees and pretend it’s the world we’re saving but you know it’s the world we’re savin. And we’ll ignore that uninvited guest who keeps demanding an explanantion and asks “why are you eating that way? Why are you eating that way oooooo why are you eating that way?......
heavy 05:02
Sometimes I get so heavy…too heavy…like a slow moving train I move through the darkest night into the brightest day and I’ll just keep moving away//….oh all the time it takes what difference does it make? All the things we create see I am tryin hard to listen…so won’t you tell me, won’t you come to me, won’t you just tell me it makes a difference cuase you make a difference ooooooo//I look around but I don’t see anywhere that could take the weight away, I look around but I don’t see a man that wouldn’t break,, breakin down, it’s ok, I am breakin down but I know I’ll be ok//chorus//etc.
sunrise 02:46
Here it comes again where is my pen I like to write it down interrupted again there’s men hard at work keeping Einstein simplified I am just prayin for love to hold us all inside// while I am waiting on a sunrise// The only way is deeper baby you don’t know this sleeper bring me your sorrow I am hungry to understand you the illusion friend cause I am your girl but I am lost in the world who you tryin to make smile?// While I am waitin on a sunrise//repeat
o.k. see 05:58
People say the universe is running away that we’re headed for desolation that the earth will spin into the flames I say you see what you wanted to see now everything is running let me ask you this are you running away? Are you running away?//ok you can see my minds direction I am ok in motion I am ok the same way cause I’ve// been like anxious been like free X3//morning who needs sleep when we’re all in each other’s dream don’t say you haven’t tripped in my head hey press release I’ve got news you treat feeling like it’s a disease now we are this memory of something wild where is it safe to stand do you separate yourself from the madness what do you pretend? What do you pretend?//chorus//heart dancer don’t stop now. You’ve got to feel your way with sound. The music, she’s not dying it’s just she’s gone underground. She’s underground she’s ??been like anxious been like free X3 the lady loves the lady love the lady she still loves…she loves…//but people say the universe she’s running away that we’re headed for desolation, that the earth will spin into the flames//
las calles 05:17
Este mujer es distraida.sonando toda mi vida. Amar es estar despierta despertando es un sueno//las calles del alma no son derechas las calles tienen vueltas las calles son largas//Donde esta mi cancion? Donde esta mi fuego? Si todo es en mi Corazon dios ayuda me par aver donde estan, donde estan?//vemos que queremos ver diga me que ves que queres? Este mundo es junto nosotros son viajeros//chorus//break//este mundo es un illusion. Debajo es un verdad. Vamos al paiz del Corazon en la tierra de tranquilidad//chorus X2
down with 06:10
Everyone’s tryin to get up. I’m just gonna get down, and dirty I wanna unlearn silence really learn how to grieve cawl around on my hands and knees for six weeks have tea with the senator and just scream I am just going to scream…then I’m gonna stumble from door to door with a bottle in my hand and a cigarette behind each ear and one for smoking gonna pull out all my hair and let things get really ugly, it’s gonna get ugly. Then I’ll sit right here by the window for a year and I’m gonna get paid twenty bucks an hour just to stare I’m just gonna stare…I’m gonna get so gone that I am flying so goodbye I am goodbye to goodbyin I’m gonna get so down the only thing that keeps me from fallin is the love that surrounds me//I’m gonna go down and dance with despair, down baby down baby down way down there…you gotta go down with the sadness…it’s in the air//steady torch bearer inhales his toothless grin he is sick from people ehwo take and step on his passions. They are filled yet dead to spirit they just build prisons, they only build prisons, and all the poets wake alone in a powerful ache, oh this ache, and you want a song about joy and love and beauty, well this is my song of joy and love and beauty you said I carry the sun so well…you said I should carry the sun, but I am like a moth pulled by what I think is the light of the moon I am confused….standing lie shards of glass wondering about the whole…//chorus//joy joy is rising oh yea joy joy is rising we are joy and see how we rise…joy only rises from the tears.
don't get me 04:56
He said you are too much, you kill the conversation it’s just my words are hungry and I never learned how to hold inspiration. She said you’re crazy you wako been doin too many drugs but the fnny thing is I don’t do enough of the stuff and //you don’t get it, you won’t just let it you don’t get me so don’t get me wrong//leave the classifieds by the toilet as I walk out the door I hope that I find it what I am lookin for don’t care if it crumble don’t care if it falls not at all, at least that’s what I say when I am in a room full of poets surrounded by art, don’t I know it takes avillage to have a heart. Have this heart you have this heart.//chorus//cause I don’t get you, I just don’t understand but I won’t get you wrong, if you don’t get me wrong…
if she goes 01:58
I go if she goes, He goes if she goes, We go and we go, Round and round and round//There’s one thing that I know, If she goes. If she goes I go// Is anybody listening? Can we just shutup? There’s something we’re not hearing At least not enough//chorus// Somebody pay the piper, I wanna pay the piper, I don’t want to leave…yet//chorus


released March 29, 2020

Copyright 2008 Red Newt Records BMI a division of Frederick Productions.
all songs written by Alexa Wiley
cover photo: Paul Evans

Alexa Wiley: vocals, guitar
Jim Brunberg: Wurlitzer, upright bass, electric guitar, cymbals, harmonies, pedal steel
Paul Evans: soprano sax, flute
Lincoln Crockett: mandolin, harmonies
Rick Selleck: cajon
Don Henson: xylophone, frogs, tambourine


all rights reserved



Alexa Wiley Portland, Oregon

Alexa Wiley's music ensemble creates a superb sonic lyricism described as wild metaphorical music that rocks.

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